Hi everybody and welcome to this week's blog. 
Increasing Business Productivity with Excel 
Is it "You don’t know what you don’t know"? 
One of the most powerful tools for any business, Microsoft Excel has a plethora of functions ready to be exploited, but without training how do you know what it really can do for your business? 
Hi everybody and welcome to this blog which is all about using MS Word to perform Mail Merges. This can be a thorny problem, and I get loads of questions about it, so I hope what follows will sort a few things out for you. 
Once set up, Mail Merge can save you a huge amount of time, plus, you can really impress colleagues, clients and even yourself with the results! Have a read and download the example files too, you will need to reconnect them. 
A casual comment from a friend prompted this week's Les is More! blog. 
It was about cloud storage and what was the best to go for. 
So I was minded to do a bit of reading/research about it all. 
So here's something to help you decide which one suits you ... 
Hi everybody and welcome to this week's blog coming to you from sunny Aberystwyth!! 
Talking to people who use Excel but not to its fullest, I'm amused quite often when they speak about Pivot Tables in hushed tones as if there is some sort of mystery about them! A pivot table is such an amazing tool that I thought that in this week's blog I would outline a few pros and cons and try to set you at ease about using them ... 
Hi everybody and welcome to this week's blog! 
I used to get annoyed when I left the Caps Lock on until I found a Windows setting that uses the SHIFT key to shut it off. With this neat setting, if for some reason you do leave the Caps Lock on then your natural typing will cause it to be turned off. 
Another Windows setting tip included this week is how to get the CONTROL key to reveal the location of the mouse pointer. Before adopting this, sometimes I couldn't see where mouse was for the life of me!  
Hi everybody 
Happy New Year and welcome to my first blog of 2017. 
This week I was asked “What is the best file format for logos?” 
It's a bit of a conumdrum, but after a bit of thought (and research too for the techie bit) I have come up with what I hope is a useful overview of the subject. 
I’ve said this before, but I hope you find the info below helpful and that you will digest it and “adopt and adapt” it to suit your work! .... 
Hi everybody and welcome to this week's blog especially for Shortcut lovers! 
Did you know that the Windows key (the one with the flag on it!) has got more going for it than just activating the Start menu in Windows? 
There’s a whole host of useful keyboard shortcut combinations using the Windows key that are really practical, some are spectacular! ... 
Hi everybody and welcome to this week's blog. 
I did a Webinar for BizSmart last Tuesday which concentrated on Excel's VLOOKUP function and other related functions.  
As a consequence, I thought I would use the prep that I did and focus on VLOOKUP in my blog this week.  
This function is so useful in many ways but it can be a bit tricky to get the right answer sometimes unless you are fully aware of the pitfalls ... 
Hi everybody and welcome to this week's blog - trying to do these every weekend at least! 
I was talking about AutoText to a breakfast networking group the other day.  
Lots of the Word users became very excited when I explained what AutoText was.  
So I thought that I would pass this on to a wider audience ... 
Hi everybody and welcome to this week's blog especially for Microsoft Word users. 
Did you know that each paragraph you type in a Microsoft Word is based on a Style?  
Bog standard body text in a fresh document is based on the Normal style in the Normal template.  
There are many pre-set styles such as Heading1, Heading 2, List Style … 
So, how do you use styles and what are the benefits of using them? ...... 
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