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Increasing Business Productivity with Excel 
Is it "You don’t know what you don’t know"? 
One of the most powerful tools for any business, Microsoft Excel has a plethora of functions ready to be exploited, but without training how do you know what it really can do for your business? 
How will I benefit? 
At 101 SystemWorks we offer a variety of courses to increase your knowledge of Microsoft Excel, ranging from Foundation level to Programming. These courses will provide you with an insight into the many features of Excel and how these extra features can increase the productivity of your business and save you time and money. We can also offer bespoke spreadsheet solutions for your business, which will highlight how automated tools can really benefit you. 
How do you currently use Microsoft Excel? 
Many businesses use Microsoft Excel on a daily basis. You might have spreadsheets that you use to monitor income and expenditure or to record clients’/customers’ contact details, and you are probably proficient at sorting basic data. Therefore, by performing these tasks, you will know that Microsoft Excel can save you time and present information in a logical format for you and your colleagues to access and share. 
However, Microsoft Excel has numerous functions that you might not be aware of and there is a variety of charts that you can use to make your data easier to understand and look more presentable. Seeing data presented in chart format allows you to identify trends quickly and easily and make decisions and projections about how your business is performing. 
Using formulas to calculate column and row values within spreadsheets quickly is a well-known feature of Excel but there are lots of more advanced formulas that can be used to analyse data. However, knowledge and use of Excel’s more advanced features will provide you with greater insight into your business data and allow you to explain important business developments to interested parties. 
Microsoft Excel to automate and optimise business processes 
Microsoft Excel also offers automated features which could help speed up your business processes and allow your teams to be more economical. For example, instead of manually entering repetitive data within spreadsheets, Excel applications can download data directly from a company’s server and arrange it logically ready to be analysed. Thousands of pounds can be saved each year by automating time consuming, labour intense tasks. 
A small investment in a half day’s training with Les at 101 SystemWorks will revolutionise the way your business operates. 
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