Prompted by an email from another MS Office specialist guy, this blog is all about keyboard shortcuts and the time you can save if you use them regularly. To be honest, I use any opportunity to bang on about their virtues! Indeed, I have been tweeting out my #ShortcutOfTheDay for a while now on Twitter. 
Family, friends, clients and associates all know that I love to use keyboard shortcuts. So, I’m feeling a bit smug at the minute because I’ve just been re-reading an article on the web that explains how much time is saved by using them instead of using the mouse to do the same thing. 
Apparently you can save EIGHT FULL WORKDAYS in 240 by utilising keyboard shortcuts! It’s all about knowing that you waste 2 seconds every minute by grabbing the mouse to do a task instead of remaining in contact with the keyboard and using the equivalent keyboard shortcut. 
Sure, if keystrokes are unfamiliar to you then there will be learning time before they become second nature to you, but on this evidence you will certainly reap the rewards if you put in the effort to use them. 
There’s a whole host of useful keyboard shortcut combinations set up in applications such as MS Office Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook and even Windows itself. Many are really practical, and some are spectacular! I thought that I would use the opportunity of this blog to tell you my current 35 favourite keystrokes and in which Applications they work. Click here to download a pdf containing them. 
That’s it for now. Don’t get too addicted will you? if you have time, I’d love to know which are your favourite shortcuts that you often use. Text me on 07973 507371 or email me 
See you next time 
Les is more! 

Here's the Maths:  

Time lost per working year 
= seconds lost per minute x minutes in a working day x workdays per year 
= 2 x 480 x 240 seconds lost 
= (2 x 480 x 240) ÷ (60 x 60 x 8) workdays lost 
= 8 workdays lost 
Food for thought don’t you think? 
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