Hi everybody and welcome to this week's blog especially for Shortcut lovers! 
Did you know that the Windows key (the one with the flag on it!) has got more going for it than just activating the Start menu in Windows? 
There’s a whole host of useful keyboard shortcut combinations using the Windows key that are really practical, some are spectacular! ... 
For example 
In Windows 7, using the Windows key while repeatedly pressing the Tab key displays the Aero Flip 3-D view of open application windows stacking up mid-screen – let go when you reach the one you need! Mind you, the less spectacular Alt+Tab to cycle through windows has always worked since Windows 3.1! And of course, if you are not excited by either you can continue to use the Taskbar icons. 
Other cool effects that I particularly like and use often are: 
Press the Windows key +E to go straight to My Computer (File Manager.) 
Press Windows key+D to show the desktop. 
Doing the Splits! 
When you need to see two applications at once splitting the screen equally , try this: 
Be in one of the apps then press Windows key+Left Arrow key to park the window on the Left-Hand half of the screen, then 
Activate the second application and press Windows key+Right Arrow key to park this one on the Right! 
The screen shot shows Word and Excel side by side. 
There are many more and I have put them in the list below. Give them a try! 
That’s it for now. Don’t get too addicted with the Windows key will you? 
I would love to hear your reaction to this. 
Text me on 07973 507371 or email me les@101systemworks.co.uk 
See you next time. 
Don’t forget – “Les is more!” 

Shortcuts List 

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